Help to Sort Your Stuff was founded in late 2015 after I finally had time to sort out all the ‘stuff’ that had accumulated in our home in the 30 years since we moved in.

A full time job, kids and general family activities has meant that I really hadn’t found the time to tackle it .7262 0149_pp

When I thought about the immensity of the task I was rather overwhelmed and it all just seemed a bit hard!!!

I did some research read some books, did web searches, looked at Pinterest, You Tube………. and finally came up with a solution that worked for me.

The secret – to only keep the things that make me happy – and only work with the things, the ‘stuff’ that belongs to me.  Other people need to sort through their own belongings, I can only offer them encouragement!

It’s taken a while but as I work through my belongings and only keep the things that make me happy and store what’s left in an easy to find manner, I find that my home is getting tidier and I am getting happier!!

The idea of ending up with a house that only contains things that I love, the things that make me happy really appeals to me.

Because I was having so much fun sorting out my stuff – I decided to share with other people and act as a coach to help other people sort through their stuff – “Help to Sort Your Stuff” was born!