Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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Well its that time of year again – so this post will be very brief because who

has time to read a long post at this time of year!!!   Although I will be

adding links to a newspaper article and a blog post I found interesting.


For the last few years our family has been doing a ‘Kris Kringle”  – there

were no little ones around to surprise and delight (so that they could

delight us right back!) so it seemed a logical thing to do.   As our nieces

and nephews grew older it was harder and harder to work out what they

would like, in fact we ended up asked their parents and their parents

would ask us!!  So it all became a bit ho hum.


Since starting the Kris Kringle I have found Christmas shopping to be a lot

more fun and relaxed,  We do the draw out of the hat (using a program

called Elfster) with the added extra that everyone has to nominate 2 – 3

gifts that they would like, some nominate a gift voucher, while others

actually list items that they would appreciate or you could even nominate

a donation to your favourite charity.  Now we have some little ones

coming along the system may change to include them in a different way.


Being given a gift that you have asked for means that you don’t end up

with a gift that someone may have spent hours deciding on. looking for

and wrapping up and it is something that you may already have!!!


Perhaps instead of giving a gift you could give some one the gift of time,

offer to do something for them that they can no longer do themselves,

take them shopping, take them out for a meal, perhaps you could tidy up

their garden, paint a wall or even clean house for them.

Last year we made the move away from the ‘green’ Christmas tree to a

wooden one – really easy to pack away and doesn’t collect a lot of hard to

remove dust!!

Links to some christmas related articles are below.

Have a wonderful Christmas I’ll chat to you in the 2018!!!


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