Moving – 15 things that will make it easier

Hi everyone

I have recently been helping a friend to pack up and move house, its been an interesting experience!  I have put

together a list of 15 things that I thought would be really useful below.

  1. Start packing as soon as you know you are going to move – that way you will have time go through the keep,donate / sell, trash decisions; Be really stern with yourself – imagine what you would tell a friend.
  2. Work in categories, it does make it less stressful and it makes it easier when you unpack at the other end! Whenyou start with a cupboard – finish it and pack everything into boxes before you start the next one.
  3. Make a “To Do” list of all the things you need to do; it doesn’t matter how small the ‘thing’ is put it on the list.
    To do list with pencil closeup

    Look to see if there is an mobile phone app you could use

    that way you wouldn’t need to keep track of your list!

  4. Schedule disconnect times – call all your suppliers (gas,electricity, internet, telephone, cable tv) at least a week

    beforehand to arrange a disconnection time and while you

    are doing that arrange for the connections at your new


  5. Label all your boxes / colour code by packing taping colour if that would help you. Blue tape for  the bathroom,

    pink tape for your daughter’s room, orange tape for  the kitchen etc;If you  are going to number your boxes remember to number each

    one and write the room the box goes into as well.  List every

    single item in each box !!!

  6. Use the stand up method for your plates wrap your plates andstack them vertically in boxes
  7. Take pictures of the cables connecting all your electronic equipment so you know how to connect them all back

  8. Seal the stuff that might leak, take the caps off toothpaste, shampoo, detergent etc putplastic wrap over the openings and put the caps back on.
  9. If you are taking furniture with you – can you leave the items in the drawers then coverthe top with plastic wrap and move it all at once; maybe check with your removalist that they would be okay to

    move the drawers like that.

  10. Research professional moving companies; check for testimonials! Ask to talk to people who they have helpedto move;  If you are using family / friends to help you move give them lots of notice.
  11. Pack your hanging stuff in quickly!!! Use large garbage bags to pack your wardrobe;  cut a small hole in thesealed end of the bag and pull a bundle of clothes, still on their hangers, up through the hole and tie off with a

    piece of cloth or string to keep them all together.

  12. Bag it – use plastic sandwich bags to store all the bits that hold a piece of furniture together; seal it and thenfasten the bag into the box that contains the bits of furniture..
  13. Put together a mini cleaning kit to use on moving day – for moving out as well as moving in.
  14. Pack a weekend bag – pack enough toiletries and clothes for a few days! Saves having to get into all thoseboxes the night you arrive, do one for each member of your family.
  15. Collect things to put into an Essentials Kit for when you move in that would be handy to have close to hand
    .You could include things like : –   Toilet Paper, dishwashing detergent (unopened or well sealed), dishtowel anddishcloth, all-purpose cleaner (unopened or well sealed), kettle / coffee maker and tea and coffee, toaster or

    small toaster oven, something easy to prepare one breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, Pet food and dishes,

    mug, plate, fork, knife, spoon for each member of the family, all-purpose cutting knife, scissors or craft knife (to

    open the rest of your boxes), small emergency first aid kit, flashlight/candles/matches just in case, garbage

    bags, portable tool kit, power boards, phone / electronic equipment chargers.


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