Time for a wardrobe review

When I did my initial wardrobe sort I had just been made redundant and I was thinking that I might find another job so I

kept my ‘work’ clothes just in case I did go back to work. I guess you could say that I ‘cheated’ on the mantra of

keeping what I love because I sure didn’t love those clothes but also didn’t see the sense in getting rid of them if I

might need them again in the near future.

As it has turned out I haven’t even looked for another job and even if I do I don’t think it will be the kind of job that

requires me to wear the type of ‘work’ clothes I currently have.

A wardrobe review


So I am planning on ‘reviewing’ my wardrobe.  At the same time I have been hearing a bit about only wearing 33 items

of clothing. I found an article that said using just 33 items you could create over 25,000 different outfits! But I didn’t

understand how 33 pieces of clothing could work for a whole year!



So back to the computer – more research – and I discovered that the idea was to work with 33 (or a number that you

are comfortable with) pieces of clothing for 90 days; & the 90 days worked well if you chose a set per season. So 33

winter pieces, 33 spring pieces etc etc.

The 33 items excludes underwear, pyjamas, workout gear or my get dirty in the garden clothes.

An alternative name for dressing this way is ‘capsule wardrobe’ though this term seemed to be applied to the working

woman’s wardrobe!

So what is a capsule wardrobe – Evelyn Cotter defines it as “a limited collection of interchangeable

pieces that create perfect outfits for your shape, colouring and lifestyle, every time. Essentially it is your day-to-day

uniform pieces – skirts, day/work dresses, trousers etc. that can easily glide between work and play.”

33 Items


So 33 items? Choose quality over quantity, choose classic style over fashion fads; work out what colours and styles

suit you.

Personally I find that what I feel most comfortable in (physically and mentally) are the clothes that suit me best. I also

feel that if people comment on my clothes, in a good way, they must also suit me.

So I decided to give the 33, or thereabouts items, a go.

I took everything out of my wardrobe that would not be suitable to wear in spring, donated what I no longer wanted and

put the rest in the cupboard in the spare room.

I haven’t pruned my wardrobe to 33 items yet but I do know that I can improve on what I have chosen to keep and will

probably purchase some quality items to add to my wardrobe at a later date.

An Unexpected Trip


I have to say that packing my case to make an unexpected trip was very easy! The weather is very similar so no

change in climate to think about and I had less than an hour to prepare and all I had to do was pick from a very small


I have been living out of that suitcase for a week now, with only 16 items of clothing and it is working!

I could have added another pair of comfortable lightweight slacks, another t-shirt and a second long sleeved cardigan

would be useful but other than that the mix and match is working well.

What did I pack


• 2 pairs of jeans

• 1 pair loose black pants

• 1 pair black casual pants

• 1 red round neck t-shirt

• 1 white v neck shirt

• 1 charcoal collared t-shirt

• 1 ¾ sleeve cotton cowl neck jumper

• 1 long sleeve t-shirt in dark beige

• 1 red zip up vest

• 1 long sleeve navy woolen cardigan

• 1 ¾ sleeve red cotton cardigan

• 1 cap sleeve black dress with tiny white spots

• 1 short sleeved black dress with a floral pattern on the front.

• 1 loose fitting long sleeved cotton jumper in light beige

• 1 loose fitting wind proof jacket in gun metal grey.

Stand up Packing
A mix and match case

As you can see from the photo I have a much more mix and match

suitcase this trip!!

I am going to keep working on the concept for this season and see

how it goes.

As with everything – take what you think you can work with, test it

out and decide if it works for you.

I have included links to other articles on capsule wardrobes below if you would like to check them out –different views

and tools are always good to look at.


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Natasha Robinson


Natasha Robinson, from The Australian, decides to keep some stuff because throwing it out would be wasteful

if she needed something special to wear to an event.



Have a great month!