What is your Why? Why do you want to be tidy?

What’s your main reason for being neat, tidy, organised or whatever other word you want to use.

My main reason is time because I hate to waste it looking for


Time is one of the most precious commodities we have,  you

can’t make more!

I have to say that for a large portion of my life I have looked for

ways to do things in better, quicker or more effective ways.

For example clean the house, cook,  my work / job – all the

things that we have to do to survive.


My theory is that by reducing the time I spend on doing the things I that I have to do, I give myself the gift of

time to spend on the things that I like to do.


I also decided on the things that were important to me for example I only wash up once a day, especially when I

have a dishwasher that does the bulk of the dishes, and I save on water too!

Things like spending time with my family, reading, doing craft, learning new things, going to the gym, spending

time with friends, travelling are much more important to me.


At one point during my working life I did try putting the ‘filing’ to one side for a month and only doing the ‘filing’

once a month and as far as I was concerned it was a failure. I found that I was spending (wasting?) a lot of time

searching through that pile looking for information I either I wanted or other people wanted!!  In fact I only lasted

for two weeks before I filed everything and went back to filing as I went.

So how do I find ways to reduce the time I spend on doing the things that I don’t enjoy.   I try to reduce the total

number of times that I have to touch something to get it done.


For example:

Getting the washing off the line

Method 1 Method 2
1.       Walk to the clothes line 1. Walk to the clothes line
2.       Take the clothes off the line 2. Take the clothes off the line
3.       Fold the clothes as I take them off the clothes line 3. Put into clothes basket
4.       Sort them into piles of who owns what as I go (and if I am feeling particularly efficient I take a basket for each person and put their clothes into that) 4. Bring the clothes basket inside
5.       Bring the clothes basket inside 5. Pick up each piece of clothing and fold it,  and put each one into an unsorted pile/s.
6.       Put the baskets ready for each member to collect and put away (for those that are old enough to put the own clothes away anyway) 6. Sort the clothes by person, putting into each person’s basket
7.       Put my clothes and young children’s clothes away 7. Put the baskets ready for each member to collect and put away (for those that are old enough to put the own clothes away anyway)
8. Put my clothes and young children’s clothes away
The number of steps are nearly the same but Method 2 takes longer because you are ‘touching‘ each piece of clothing more often.


I also like to minimise the time I spend looking for things so I like to

  • Have a place for everything and to put things in their ‘place’
  • Have order in my handbag; – the mobile phone goes in one pocket, the car / house keys in another, my

    wallet in the centre, the sunglasses beside that, the spare shopping bag in another pocket and I do this all

    the time.  When I change bags I work out the best place to keep everything and keep doing it that way.

  • Have a clip on my keys if I don’t have a dedicated pocket that way I can find them easily
  • Have basket for each member of the family that sits at the bottom of the stairs so that everyone can take

    their own basket upstairs with them once a day instead of making multiple trips.

  • Tidy as I go – so a quick clean up each evening
  • Tidy before I clean – I really don’t like having to tidy at the same time as I am trying to dust / vacuum.
  • Emails – I only look at them a couple of times a day and clean everything out of my inbox that I have dealt with

    and I turn off the incoming email sound so I don’t get distracted while working on other things.

If you think about how many ‘touches’ are required for each task and see if you can find ways to reduce that you

could end up with an extra 10 minutes of “ME” time at the end of the day!!!  “ME” time is very  important it lets you

rewind, relax and recharge.

As always take what will work for you and disregard the rest.

I hope you manage to find some extra time – minutes or even hours that you can ‘spend’ on some “ME” time.

That’s it for this month have a great month